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Google’s mission has always been to organise information, make it universally accessible and ensure that the information it returns to users is relevant. Understanding this vision is critical for any successful SEO agency. Why? Because what users want is always changing, so Google must also continue to tweak its search ranking algorithm. Wollongong Web Design understands the fundamentals of how Google finds information, keep us with its algorithm changes and formulates our SEO practices on these principles. For our clients this means websites that appear in search results and deliver on user experience. 

Why We Are Different From Other SEO Agencies

Google Partner

Monthly Reporting

Identify Target Market

In-Depth Keyword Research

Driven By Analytics

Original Content

Results Focussed

Latest SEO Techniques

Rank Higher and Engage Your Target Audience

We Are Guided By SEO Best Practice 

Step 1


Wollongong Web Design conducts in-depth  research into your industry so we can help you achieve your business goals.

Step 2

Solutions & Strategy

We strategize and make changes to improve your online presence, starting with high-quality, relevant images and text.

Step 3

Optimise & Audit

We check your site speed and make certain your site is properly optimised. Our SEO strategist also begins work on your off-page SEO.

Step 4

Monitor & Report

We monitor how your website is performing and make adjustments as needed. All our work will be detailed in a monthly report.

Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales With Wollongong Web Design